Where we work

Aref International supports the Tibetan Refugees living in Exile outside Tibet.

There are some areas in Asia where we carry out our projects: Long Distance Sponsorship (LDS), support to Local Territory Initiatives (LTI), cultural cooperation projects (CCP).

All these initiatives are aimed to promote and develop the Tibetan Cause. On a regular basis we monitor the advancement state of all the on-going initiatives  and we measure the results achieved.

Here below are reported the areas were we operate.

North India: DHARAMSALA (McLeod Ganj) – DHARAMSALA (MCLEOD GANJ) Head Quarter of  the Tibetan Government in Exile

  • Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  • Department of Home (Central Tibetan Administration)
  • Department of Education (Central Tibetan Administration)
  • Department of Information and International Relations
  • Nyingtob Ling Tibetan Handicapped Craft Home
  • Centre for Teacher Education on Bhuntar
  • National Democratic Party of TibetFriends of Tibet
  • Gu Chu Sum Movement of Tibet
  • International Tibet Support Network
  • Tibet Channel

South India: Doeguling Tibetan Settlement di MUNDGOD (Hubli, Karnata State)

  • Gajang Gyalrong Kangtsen Monastery (Gaden University)
  • Gaden Jantgtse Thoesam Norling School
  • Gaden Jangtse Datsang Education and Cultural Society
  • Old Peolple’s House
  • Comunity Hall and Nursery Schoo0l (camp 3)
  • Doeguling Tibetan Settlement Welfare Office
  • Doeguling Opera Association
  • Central School for Tibetans

North India: Delhi:

  • Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  • Enbassy

Nepal: Tibetan Settlement in POKHARA

The Association Aref International carry out also initiatives at a national level and in particular within the Latium Region:
  • Awareness and knowledge raising about the Tibetan Cause (Schools, cultural associations, etc.)
  • Involvement of students and teacher in schools of any grade
  • organization of photograph exhibitions and  events
  • active participation to public demonstrations, such as social and political rallies in behalf of Tibet
  • Direct involvement of  politicians and local bodies to promote the Tibetan Cause
  • Organization and/or participation to workshop and conferences
  • Participation to public tenders and projects