Gestures and ritual Objects

The symbolism of Tibetan ritual objects is a very complex and varied. On this page are photographed only some of these objects (which is described in detail on pages of text and other photo galleries indicated):

Yellow Caps
Bell (Gantha) and Thunderbolt or Diamond (Vajra)
– (Jampa) Mala, the rosary with 108 grains
– Phurba, the knife with three blades
Prayer Boks and Texts
– Three-dimensional Mandala Offers
– Torma, votive offerings of butter and barley flour
– Shell
– Drums and cymbals
– Dungchen (Trumpet)
– Incense
Votive lamps
– Banners
– Crown of the fifth Buddha, used in tantric rituals of initiation
– Objects for the preparation, distribution and recruitment of the Tibetan plateau.

In addition to some Mudras (symbolic gestures of the hands during prayer).