ICP: Inter Cultural Projects

The Inter Cultural Projects are represented by various actions carried out inside our country in favour of the Tibetan political refugees communities. These actions are aimed to increase among the local population the knowledge and the sensibility about the Tibetan causes.

At the moment we delivered the following ICP’s:

  1. PHOTOGRAPHS EXIBITIONS: Organized on purpose or set up inside events or rallies, they offer visitors the opportunity to get in touch with the Tibetan cause related images.
  2. SCHOOL ACRIVITIES: According to the different students ages and grades, we design and deliver specific actions with the active participation of teachers.
  3. Organizzation of EVENTS: We organize cultural events to promote the Tibetan refugees cause.
  4. CHARITY PARTY FAVOR: Couples that are going to get married or families that are going to baptize a kid or have their first communion are invited to devote to Aref the money they usually spend to buy celebration gifts for parents.