LDS: Long Distance Sponsorship


The Long Distance Sponsorship is one among the several actions promoted by Aref International.

The Long Distance Sponsorship is an act of solidarity where a donor (named Sponsor) provides on a regular basis an economic contribution with which Aref aids a child, an adult or a group of persons to overcome hunger, illiteracy, poverty, wealth problems.

The Aref approach to the Long Distance Sponsorship differs from the Long Distance Adoption because there is an active and responsible involvement between the sponsor and the beneficiary of the project, always in the full respect of the privacy rights.

The relationship between the sponsor and the beneficiary it is not juridically binding. For this reason it will neither be possible for the sponsor to claim any right on the beneficiary (i.e. adoption) nor for the beneficiary to pretend any economical claims.

As far as the Long Distance Sponsorship is concerned, Aref International: