Start a Long Distance Support

The Long Distance Support

is one of the actions promoted by Aref International.

By this term we intend a solidarity action to be performed by a periodical economic contribution by the Sponsor by which the Association provides for the subsistence, school, medical assistance and economic development of a person or of a group of persons.

The Sponsorship has no juridical or social value but it has the aim to help economically one or more persons (also persons of age) for a particular project. In the case of “adozione a distanza” (adoption) there couldn’t be any relationship at all between the parties. That’s why many associations and also the Italian authorities (such as the Commissione adozioni internazionali, la Presidenza del Consiglio dei ministri, il Ministero per le Pari Opportunità) are no more using the term “adozione a distanza” and prefer “sostegno a distanza” (long distance support) in order to avoid any confusion between two completely different juridical concepts.

As regards Aref International’s policy there’s an active and liable involvement between sponsor and sponsored, always respecting the privacy and safeguarding the  reciprocal protection. Anyway the link between the sponsor and sponsored is never legally binding, so it could never be claimed any right of the sponsor towards the sponsored (such as adoption) nor vice-versa (such as additional economic requests except the ones agreed on starting the sponsorship).

As far as the Sponsorship is concerned, Aref International is:

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