LTI : Local Territorial Initiatives

Local Territorial Initiatives are projects that Aref design and deliver to local communities according to the needs gathered by the Local Representatives or directly observed during the Institutional Journeys.

Both the long term projects or the short ones can be supported by private or public donors.

The main LTI currently underway are the following:

  1. “THE QUEST” – NEWS FROM THE EXILE: It’s a social Magazine edited both in English and in Tibetan by the joung monks of the Gaden Jangtse Thoesam Norling School di Mundgod (Karnataka State, Sout India). The project is aimed to disseminate relevant news about the issues of a population in exile.
  2. “SPECIAL MEMORIES”: the project took life at the “Old and Infirm House” of the Mundgod Tibetan settlement (Karnataka State, South India) and is aimed to contribute to the  Tibetan cultural heritage safeguard.
  3. MUNDGOD MONASTERIES: the project is aimed to support the Gaden monastic community inside the Mundgod Doeguling Tibetan settlement (Karnataka State, South India)
  4. ACTIONS FOR DISABLED CHILDREN: the project is aimed to support the NYINGTOB LING – Tibetan Handicapped Children’s Craft Home of Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh – India).
  5. AREF International is currently the leading organization of a network of 11 other nonprofit organizations to carry out a four-year important project named “Thap Shè Sarpa – New Method. Tachers for the Third Millenium Tibetan Culture”.This project provides scholarships to 24 young tibetans teacher to carry on their didactic profession using the tibetan language. The project has been specifically requested by the Department of Education (DOE) of the Tibetan Government  in Exile. These are the Associations and groups involved in the project: Comunità Tibetana in Italia Onlus; Associazione Donne Tibetane; Associazioen Rimè Onlus; Associazione Nitobe; Associazione Italia Tibet; Istituto Samantabhadra; Associazione Culturale Casa del Tibet; Associazione Culturale Progetto Asia; Associazione Tso Pema non profit; Associazione Laogai Research Foundation Italia Onlus; Municipio di Roma Centro Storico.