Go on a Trip

Since its foundation, Aref International’s aim has always been to monitor constantly its activities and to check directly. Not only with reference to the Local Contacts’ recommendations but also to the works in progress and the persisting need as to each person and each organizations.

So, at least once a year, our people in charge, helped each time by the volunteers, organize inspections’ trips to check.

The above trips are also the chance to visit new locations and countries, not only to evaluate further cooperation but also to collect material for photographic and multimedial exhibitions.

Just as an example see the reports of the following trips:

Inspection trips allow the traveler to take contact with very emotional experiences. Such uncommon situations allow us to work directly in local area and to start significant  relationships with very special people and events. The trip aim is obviously the exchange and cooperation between different cultures it’s neither a touristic visit nor a “holiday”.

To participate, as a volunteer, to an inspection trip of the Association you need to be adaptable and fully available to cooperate with what is needed during the visit.

Moreover you need:

  • To be a Partner, a Volunteer or a Trainee
  • alternatively to  have an interview to test motivations and to know;
  • to be of age;
  • to agree with the person in charge of the Association both the time and organization of the trip;
  • to commit yourself to undertake whole expenses referred to the transfers and accommodations;
  • to give to the Association all the documentation needed and requested;
  • to take action autonomously to renew passport and to apply for visa and permissions to enter into the Country, where required by local administrations;
  • to supply to the local Administrations, in time (at least 4 months before leaving), all the documents requested and binding to enter the Restricted Area, if you wish to go to one of the Tibetan Settlements where the Association is active;
  • To commit yourself formally not to take any action which could cause, at any level, nuisance or inconvenience to the communities or to the single persons visited;
  • To stick to the trip’s program also in relation to the time and end;
  • To supply yourself with suitable and enough clothing considering the respect due to such cosy communities;
  • To commit yourself formally to a fully acceptance of all the regulations connected to privacy (as requested by law and agreed by the Association) with reference to the photographic and video documentation;
  • To be fully available to support any logistic inconvenience deriving from local conditions
  • To vaccinate, under your responsibility, as necessary;
  • To supply yourself with specific medicines you might need;
  • To supply yourself with a suitable economic accessible amount, in case also of possible emergency;
  • To sign documents and acquittances wherever requested by the Association.

As for the Association, it commits itself to:

  • Assure a constant support during the trip;
  • Supply with any suggestion needed in respect of visited people and places;
  • Coordinate the various actions to take;
  • Supply with eventual institutional contacts in relation to the visits to locations and people;
  • Suggest, whenever possible, best local accommodations;
  • Keep contact with the local travel agen.